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Po Drum Mome/A Girl on the Road, Riverboat Records 2018 

From tales of revolutionaries and a mythical dragon-like creature, to the girl who confesses her fears to a rose bush, Eugenia Georgieva delivers an innovative and beautiful exploration of the joys and sorrows of Bulgarian folk song.

‘It’s breathtaking’ fROOTS

‘Meaningful and real’ PopMatters

‘It sounds gloriously Bulgarian’ Evening Standard


yantra-cdA Journey Through Timelessness, Indigo Fusion Records 2014

Combining the purity of a cappella with modern multi-tracking recording techniques, this rich vocal fusion explores the spiritual and folkloric music from the traditional and ancient musical heritage of Bulgaria, India and England.

“This intriguing release belongs firmly in the “strange but brilliant, probably-shouldn’t-work-but-it-does-and-how! category. Billed as “a true celebration of the purity of singing”, it combines the vocal talents of three singers from completely different traditions and disciplines: classical bass Jeremy Birchall, Bulgarian singer Eugenia Georgieva (of the Perunika Trio) and Tamil singer Manickam Yogeswaran (from the South Indian Carnatic tradition). And in doing so, it emphasises a logical commonality of experience, a true sharing of the basic, yet also surprisingly sophisticated expression of emotion stemming from the use of the human voice.” FATEA Magazine


screen-shot-2020-05-30-at-11-41-03A Bright Star Has Risen, ARC Music 2012

Following their critically acclaimed “Introducing Perunika Trio” debut, the group presents “A Bright Star Has Risen” – traditional Bulgarian songs sung with outstanding a cappella vocal harmony drawing inspiration from the ancient Bulgarian vocal traditions and Church Slavonic chants. Artist biographies, extensive info about each of the songs, including the lyrics, in English and German.

“A fine piece of work” Songlines

“There’s real beauty here, the joy of love, life, and singing”



Bulgarian Warabeuta, SONY Music Japan 2012

A fine selection of Japanese folk songs and children’s classics (warabeuta)  in Bulgarian polyphonic arrangement. Sung in Japanese and Bulgarian.

The mix is finished to perfection, with the two parts smoothly blending into one another despite the differences in language and musicality … a strangely comfortable sensation of drifting between nostalgic thoughts of home and exotic experiences of different cultures.” Mainichi Shimbun

                                                                                   *Limited numbers available.


unite-coverUNITE > A Gathering Of Strangers, Mule Satellite 2010

This is a collection of music from across Europe but not any Europe that you’d normally find music collected from. It’s a Europe with a history and tradition but the sort that normally gets quietly buried and not talked about. There’s elements of techno, dubstep and electronica but twisted and broken.

Amongst those appearing on the album are London-based Bulgarian Perunika Trio; Yanka Rupkina,  the legendary Bulgarian traditional singer and leader of the Trip Bulgarka; Jim Moray, English folk electronica pioneer; Martin Furey, composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from on of Ireland’s greatest musical families; DJ Lepe and Nori Kovacs of the Budapest-based collective Balkan Fanatik.

‘Entertaining and inventive…a bold experiment that actually works’  The Guardian


intro109_2000xINTRODUCING Perunika Trio, World Music Network 2008

Singing beautiful and haunting acoustic harmonies, Perunika Trio’s sound is rooted in the forests and plains of southern Bulgaria. With songs traditional and nostalgic, they invoke an earlier age where singing and vocal harmony were held in the greatest esteem.

‘Rustic, without being overly romantic, the album’s mood is warm and reassuring.’ The Daily Telegraph

“Any language barriers for Western listeners are easily overcome through the group’s visceral voices – and by their ability to express joy, pain and a variety of emotions in between with such clarity and depth of expression.” San Diego Union Tribune