VEDA SLOVENA BULGARIAN CHOIR is a London based mixed-voice choir specialising in traditional Bulgarian sacred and secular vocal music. Following in the footsteps of such distinguished predecessors as the world famous Le Mystere de Voix Bulgares, who won a Grammy award in 1989 and brought Bulgarian folk to world-wide audiences, they are committed to preserving and celebrating this unique style of singing. The choir is named after another mystery – Veda Slovena, “The Vedas of the Slavs”, a compilation of folk songs from Thrace and Macedonia published in 19 c., which is still considered a mystification.

With an international cast of singers they are a living proof that true musical beauty and wisdom know no borders – neither national nor spiritual. The choir is led by native Bulgarian singer Eugenia Georgieva, who provides vocal training, choral advice and pronunciation coaching. Based at University College London.

Eugenia has led numerous Bulgarian workshops in London and at popular festivals, most recently a Slavic song short course for Sound Connections, a singing workshop at Musicport Festival and a sold out workshop at Voices Now 2015 at the Roundhouse. Her teaching style targets both individual voice production and choral skills development, weaving the unique Bulgarian vocal technique into the fabric of classical choral practices. Having come from a linguistic background, Eugenia understands the indelible connection between Bulgarian language and Bulgarian song, where sung and spoken intertwine, and puts a strong emphasis on authentic diction and pronunciation.

“This remarkable choir perform an eerie, elegiac Balkan a cappella music that is rarely heard outside Bulgaria.” Garth Cartwright, music journalist

Eugenia co-directed The East European Choir at UCL in 2010-2013. This choir is now suspended.


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