DJ Click & Eugenia Georgieva – STAY (UK Remix) video released on 8th February 2023



The new digital album collaboration of French producer DJ Click and Eugenia Georgieva is now out – and their video STAY has premiered on YouTube.

Sung in Bulgarian and English, the songs blend modernity with the mysterious Bulgarian rural sound.

With a voice to unlock the soul, Eugenia Georgieva is a singer of a deep,
abounding grace. With a love of music past and present, she’s woven a vocal
tapestry through folk music all the way to rock and electronica.
Born in Bulgaria and now living in London, her talent has earned her rave
reviews (“exquisite” – San Diego Union-Tribune) for the purity and breadth of
her music. Eugenia is a veteran of many sessions, including The Virgin Queen,
which won an Ivor Novello Award for Best Television Soundtrack, the
Skeletons soundtrack as well as numerous commercials and studio work.
Dj Click drives crazy the customs officers. One day, he’s exploring Indian
rhythms with tablas players from the fringes of Rajasthan. Next day, he’s
hitting the road around Bucharest with gypsy musicians. He can vanish in
Essaouira during a Gnawa lila’s night and reappear in Sevilla as part of a fiesta
gitana. DJ without borders, explorer of cultures and sounds, he keeps meeting
incredible people over his halts. Equipped with his turntables and his mobile
studio, he digs into tempos, mixes, records, creates and performs unthinkable
weddings – such as electrOriental, Gnawa dub, Balkan beat or Tropikal
bass. On his own label No Fridge, he has produced over 50 remix and 30
albums (Click Here, Rona Hartner, Gnawa Njoum Experience, Hamadcha
de Fés, Colelo Identidad Mapuche, Masha Natanson, Ittai Binnun, Agota
Zdanavičiūtė, UHT°).