Singing With Nightingales in the woods of Lewes

I arrived at the venue for this sold out unusual concert long before the dusk fell, where I enjoyed the bluebells, the songs of the thrushes and blackbirds, and a glass of beautiful elderflower drink.

There was a fascinating talk about nightingales from professor David Rothenberg and Bulgarian folk songs from me later in the evening around the bonfire, followed by a silent walk through the woods in the dark, with the orange full moon weighing heavily in the cloudy sky. David and I joined three nightingales in the surrounding trees with voice and clarinet, and were joined by a night chorus of frogs in turn, before heading home around midnight. It was a beautiful experience to sing those songs that draw heavily from the sounds of nature on the outskirts of the woods. You can hear a field recording of our encounter on Soundcloud.

Special thanks to Sam Lee and The Nest Collective for inviting me to be a part of something so exciting and exquisite!